Urgent Visa for Vietnam on arrival in 1 hour

Traveling through Vietnam provides a deeply rewarding experience. The country showcases stunning natural landscapes, delightful cuisine that excites the palate, a rich cultural legacy, and a hospitable environment. It’s no wonder that Vietnam consistently ranks as one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Southeast Asia.

Obtaining a visa promptly for Vietnam can be intricate, particularly if time is of the essence. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip or urgent business matters, thorough preparation can facilitate the process of obtaining an expedited visa.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about getting an Urgent visa for Vietnam quickly and efficiently.

How to Obtain an urgent visa for Vietnam

Urgent Visa for Vietnam on arrival in 1 hour

If you’re seeking an urgent visa for Vietnam, it’s essential to be aware that the process will require additional documentation and fees to expedite your application. To summarize, here are the necessary requirements for an urgent visa application to Vietnam.

  • Completed visa application form
  • Valid passport with at least six months validity
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Proof of travel arrangements (such as flight tickets)
  • Additional processing fee for urgent processing

Meeting these requirements can improve your chances of getting a rush visa for Vietnam.

Notify Your Visa Agent

  • Contact your visa agent/service immediately to inform them you need an expedited visa
  • Provide your travel details and reason requiring urgent processing
  • Ensure they can facilitate faster document handling and submissions

Prepare Extra Documentation

  • Obtain documents proving need for urgent travel (e.g. flight bookings, medical referrals, business letters)
  • Print copies of bank statements, pay slips, ties to home residence proving you’ll return

Pay Urgent Processing Fees

  • Standard fees plus urgent processing charges apply
  • Expect to pay $50-$100+ extra depending on service and delivery request

Confirm Receipt and Approval

  • Double-check with your agent once they receive your documents and submission
  • Obtain tracking number if documents are couriered to/from VFS/embassies
  • Clarify expected processing and delivery time based on service selected

Fast-Track Your Vietnam Visa Application

Urgent Visa for Vietnam on arrival in 1 hour

Simply paying urgent processing fees doesn’t necessarily ensure a quicker visa approval. To expedite your application even more, it’s beneficial to take some extra measures.

Choose Premium Processing Services

  • Opt for “VIP” services offered by select visa agents at added cost
  • Services include document pre-checks, dedicated case officers, SMS updates, etc.
  • Ensures your documents get special handling for faster review

Skip Mail Submissions When Possible

  • Couriered applications tend to be quicker than postal submissions
  • Avoid possible delays with postal losses, holidays, delivery failures
  • Courier allows real-time tracking and priority handling

Call and Follow-Up Frequently

  • Don’t just submit then wait! Follow up shows this is truly urgent
  • Call VFS Helplines and visa agent support lines for status
  • Politely emphasize you need decision ASAP for emergency situation

Have Contingency Funds Ready

  • Last-minute flight changes, hotels etc. may be required once approved
  • Have emergency credit cards or cash accessible to rebook travel
  • Helps ease stress if forced to amend plans upon short-notice approval

Immediate Vietnam Visa Necessities

Urgent Vietnam Visa

Whether you choose to apply directly or opt for an expedited visa service, the following documents will be required for submission.

Valid Passport

  • Must have at least 6 months validity remaining
  • Must have at least 2 blank pages per person
  • Copy of ID page/info page required

Visa Application Form

  • Fully completed on secure government portal
  • Cover Letter indicating reason for urgent need

Passport Photos

  • 2x official photos taken within last 6 months
  • Remove glasses, no headwear as per guidelines

Proof of Exit

  • Round-trip flight bookings/itinerary
  • Onward travel booking confirmation

Payment Fees

  • Visa fees + urgent processing charges
  • Service fees if applying via agent

Tips for Getting a Rush Visa for Vietnam

Urgent Vietnam Visa

In addition to the basic prerequisites, adhering to these suggestions can expedite the processing of your time-sensitive Vietnam visa application.

? Well-Written Cover Letter is Critical

Provide personalized details on:

  • Your background and reason requiring urgent Vietnam entry
  • Mention how soon and long you plan to stay
  • Emphasize you intend to fully comply with visa regulations

This helps establish legitimate reason for expedited request.

? Provide Financial Evidence Upfront

Having proof of funds can avoid delays from vetting applicants’ means to afford trip:

  • 3 months bank statements
  • Fixed deposit certificates
  • Proof of home/assets ownership

Less risk of you illegally staying boosts urgent approval odds.

? Directly Contact the Embassy

For truly last-minute urgent visa needs:

  • Contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate directly
  • Explain humanitarian reason requiring waiver of standard timing
  • Be persistent yet polite in calls and follow-ups

Individual cases may receive exceptional processing.

Navigating the Process of Obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Urgent Vietnam Visa

The process for obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa may differ slightly depending on whether you choose to apply directly or through a fast-track agent. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this procedure.

Standard Direct Application Process

  1. Obtain and fill visa application form
  2. Prepare supporting documents
  3. Submit in-person to Visa Application Centre
  4. Wait up to 7 days for decision
  5. Return to collect passport with visa

Streamlined Agent Application Process

  1. Contact visa agent for urgent package
  2. Fill order request and submit documents
  3. Agent reviews and submits urgent application
  4. Decision made within 48 hours
  5. Agent couriers back passport with visa

Agents smooth the process via document checks, upfront payments, courier services, and follow-ups. But fees are higher.

Choose the option fitting your budget, convenience and urgency levels.

Vietnam Visa Expedited: What You Need to Know

Urgent Vietnam Visa

Vietnam has specific definitions and procedures for “expedited” visas requiring accelerated processing. Here are key facts to know:

Two Options: Rush or Super Rush

There are two urgent visa tracks offered:

  • Rush Visa: 2-4 business days processing
  • Super Rush Visa: 1-2 business days processing

So super rush is for truly last-minute needs.

Only Valid for Single Entry

Unfortunately urgent processing only applies to single-entry visas currently.

For multiple-entry visas standard 7-10 day processing applies.

Extra Fees and Charges

Aside from standard visa fees, expect additional $50 or more for urgent services. Prices depend on:

  • Speed (# days)
  • Application method (direct, agent)
  • Delivery method chosen

So clarify full costs upfront with your agent or service centre.

Eligibility Criteria

Unfortunately embassies allow urgent visa requests purely on a case-by-case basis. Some common “compassionate” cases include:

  • Family emergencies like funerals
  • Unexpected business travel
  • Medical situations

If you’re in a rush to travel but don’t have a solid reason, you might still encounter the usual wait times. It’s important to highlight genuine emergency situations or compassionate reasons for expedited processing.

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing Times

Urgent Vietnam Visa

Once you’ve submitted your urgent visa request, the typical approval times are…

Visa Type Application to Approval Passport Return
Regular 7-10 days +3 days
Rush 2-4 days +1-2 days
Super Rush 1-2 days +1 day
  • Add processing durations above for decision
  • Then allow extra time to courier back passport
  • Super rush = 72 hours max turnaround!

Note: These durations assume 100% complete and error-free documents submitted firstly. Any missing info causes delays.

Avoiding Delays: Tips for Applying for an Urgent Vietnam Visa

Despite paying urgent fees, a delayed verdict can jeopardize your Vietnam trip altogether. Avoid common snags:

1. Check Documents Thoroughly

Having 100% complete forms, copies, bookings etc is critical. Double and triple check before paying urgent fees.

2. Clarify Embassy Operating Days

Embassies operate on working days only. Don’t count weekends/public holidays in urgent duration.

3. Select Reliable Courier Service

Choose only major couriers (DHL, FedEx etc) when urgency depends on it. Avoid postal losses.

4. Give Accurate Local Contacts

Hotel confirmations with listed contacts can help alleviate worries about overstaying.

If you put in the necessary effort and attention, obtaining your urgent approval should be a straightforward process without major obstacles.

Urgent Vietnam Visa Fees and Costs

Vietnam urgent visa charges include:

Standard Government Visa Fees

Visa Type Fee
Single entry $25-50
Multiple entry $50-100

Urgent Processing Surcharges

Urgent Option Extra Fee
Rush visa +$50
Super rush visa +$100

Misc Visa Application Charges

Service Fee
Document verification $5+
SMS updates $5+
Photocopying $2+
Courier return $10-100+

A standard urgent Vietnam visa usually ranges from approximately $100 for simpler single-entry cases to over $300 for multiple-entry business visas that need full fast-tracked services.

Shop around between Visa Agents to compare rates.

Final Steps for Securing Your Urgent Vietnam Visa

As you await visa approval, some final to-do’s ensure you’re 100% ready for urgent travel:

✔️ Book accommodation in-country flights

✔️ Inform contacts in Vietnam of changes

✔️ Have local currency on hand

✔️ Activate roaming or unlock SIM card

✔️ Forward approval email to print as needed

✔️ Add embassy contacts in case issues

Be proactive in your planning, and soon enough, you’ll be able to explore the marvels of Vietnam without any visa-related worries!


Vietnam remains a shining example of the alluring appeal found in Southeast Asia. Its deep-rooted history and breathtaking natural landscapes consistently captivate travelers from around the globe. However, despite its charm, navigating Vietnam’s complex visa process can be quite challenging, especially when time is limited.

This guide aims to demonstrate that obtaining an urgent Vietnam visa is achievable. Selecting reliable agents, meticulously preparing documents, maintaining communication with authorities, and efficiently planning your trip can expedite the approval of your entry into Vietnam.

Undoubtedly, choosing the expedited application process may come with a higher cost. Nevertheless, for many individuals requiring immediate travel, the additional fees represent a worthwhile investment for swift entry into this captivating country. It is essential to maintain a well-organized approach throughout each stage of the procedure, emphasize genuine humanitarian reasons for urgency if questioned, and have confidence that your emergency visa for Vietnam will be promptly approved.

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