(Applies from 23-November-2015 according to Circular No.156/2015/TT-BTC)


No. List of charges and fees Unit of calculation Rates (USD)
A Fees for issuance of passports, visas and charges for processing of dossiers of application for visa exemption certificates
I Passports:
1 Issuance of new one Passport 70
2 Extension Passport 30
3 Supplementation, modification or sticking of children’s photo Passport 15
4 Re-issuance in replacement of damaged or lost one Passport 150
II Travel Document:
1 Issuance of new one Travel document 30
2 Re-issuance in replacement of damaged or lost one Travel document 40
III Visas of all kinds:
1 Those for single entry Visa 25
2 Those for multiple entry
a/ Valid for 03 months Visa 50
b/ Valid for from more than 03 months up to 06 months Visa 95
c/ Valid for from more than 06 months up to 01 year Visa 135
d/ Valid for from more 01 year up to 02 years Visa 145
e/ Valid for from more 02 years up to 05 years Visa 155
3 Transfer of valid visas from old passport to new one Visa 5
IV Issuance of AB stamps (for ordinary passport holders on official duty) Stamp 15
B Other fees
1 Notarization and certification of contracts and transactions (except contracts on sale, purchase, conversion, transfer, donation, hire or mortgage of real estate, contracts on contribution of real estate as capital, documents on division of inheritance, and documents on acceptance of inheritance being real estate) Document 50
2 Certification of copies from originals; certification of signatures in papers and documents in Vietnamese; certification of signatures of translators of documents translated from a foreign language into Vietnamese or from Vietnamese into a foreign language Document 10
3 Notarization of testaments, modification, supplementation, replacement or cancellation of testaments; notarization of documents on renunciation of inheritance Document 10
4 Issuance of copies of notarized documents Copy 5
5 Legalization of papers and documents Document 10
6 Judicial mandate. Verification of papers and documents (freights excluded) Dossier/document 50
7 Issuance or certification of papers or documents related to ships, airplanes and other means of transport Document 15
8 Issuance of citizenship registration certificates Certificate 5
9 Fees for consular certification
a/ For certification of seals and signatures Copy 2
b/ For certification of seals, signatures and contents of documents Copy 5
10 Consular certification at citizens’ request Copy 5
11 Archive of testaments and preservation of papers, documents and valuable objects of Vietnamese citizens Document or object/year 20
12 Receipt and forwarding of petitions and evidences of Vietnamese citizens and legal persons to competent domestic agencies (freights excluded) Document or object 10
C Nationality-related fees
1 Naturalization Person 250
2 Restoration of nationality Person 200
3 Renunciation of nationality Person 200
D Fees for civil status registration
1 Birth registration
a/ Birth registration Certificate 5
b/ Late birth registration Certificate 10
c/ Birth re-registration Certificate 15
2 Marriage
a/ Marriage registration Certificate 70
b/ Marriage re-registration Certificate 120
3 Death registration
a/ Death registration Certificate 5
b/ Late death registration Certificate 10
c/ Death re-registration Certificate 15
4 Child adoption
a/ Registration of child adoption Certificate 150
b/ Re-registration of child adoption Certificate 250
5 Recognition of parents or children
Registration of recognition of parents or children Certificate 200
6 Correction of family names, given names, middle names or dates of birth Certificate 70
7 Registration of guardianship among overseas Vietnamese or between overseas Vietnamese and foreigners Certificate 30
8 Other civil status registration
a/ Issuance of copies of civil status papers Copy 5
b/ Issuance and certification of papers for carrying out procedures for marriage registration, child adoption or guardianship at competent foreign agencies Paper 50
c/ Issuance and certification of other civil status papers Paper 5
d/ Re-issuance of birth certificates from original books Certificate 15
dd/ Registration of changes in or correction of civil status, re-identification of ethnic groups, re-identification of gender, supplementation or modification of civil status already registered with Vietnamese representative mission or foreign competent agencies and noted in civil status books in Vietnamese representative missions Document 15
e/ Issuance of certificates of the marriage status of Vietnamese citizens during the period of residing abroad Certificate 10
f/ Recording of other civil status changes, including identification of parents and children; changes in nationality, divorce; cancellation of illegal marriage; termination of child adoption for civil status-related issues already registered with Vietnamese representative missions Document 10
g/ Recording of birth registration; marriage; recognition of parents and children; and child adoption of overseas Vietnamese already registered with competent foreign agencies and issuance of other civil status papers according to Vietnam’s forms Document 20
E Other regulations:
1 Vietnamese citizens residing in China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia shall pay consular fees equal to 20% of the corresponding rate prescribed for each job specified in this Tariff
2 Charges for rush work and overtime work other than the above-specified fees when dossiers are valid, (except Item 3, Section D):
a/ Within a day (24 hours): 30%
b/ Within a day and a half (36 hours): 20%
c/ Overtime work, work after dossier-receiving hours or on holidays: 30%