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Planning a trip to Vietnam anytime soon but unsure how to start? Apart from being the land of Pho, crazy motorbike driving, and beautiful sights, Vietnam has so much to offer. With a landscape that’s insanely varied, you can be cruising on a mountain top, sliding down some sand dunes, or relaxing by a beach along the coastline. So, how exactly do you begin planning a trip to Vietnam? Did you know anything about the Vietnam visa invitation letter?

Invitation letter is a necessary requirement for those who intend to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival, who will need to obtain it before traveling.

Tourists are used to presenting the immigration officers with their eligible passport and the relevant visa fee, so in many countries, they think travel authorizations applied for at the airport don’t need prior applications. However, things work differently, foreigners wishing to arrive at the Vietnamese border without a visa will need to register online and complete an application form prior to departure in order to obtain pre-approval for the visa on arrival.

If the application is successful, they will receive the Vietnam visa invitation letter, which they then need to carry with them as they travel.

How Do I Get a Vietnam Visa Invitation Letter?

If you need a visa to enter Vietnam, there are two things about visa; one is the actual visa sticker and the other is an invitation letter. If you have the visa sticker on your passport, you can use this at any point of entry (air, sea or land).

Normally, the visa sticker can be processed through an embassy or consulate and a travel agency can send your passport to an embassy or consulate.

While if you have an invitation letter, which you can normally get online or from a travel agency, you can only use this to enter Vietnam via air and most likely through a specific border. It’s possible to use it via land if the travel agency/website writes in your invitation letter the specific land border point.

You need to remember that if you are using an invitation letter, you will need to pay for a stamp/sticker fee which varies depending on the visa length and if it’s multiple entries or single entry.

How can foreigners get Vietnam visa extension

Visa processing times

  • Visa on arrival: Visitors to obtain a Vietnamese visa is to apply for a visa on arrival online at https://visaonlinevietnam.com. You can complete your visa application in just a few simple steps, receive the visa invitation letter by email in 3-5 working days and print out the documents, prepare the entry/exit form and the stamping fee in cash, board the plane to Vietnam and pick up the visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam airport.
  • Urgent Vietnam visa: Inrush situation you can get your invitation letter within a few hours (4 – 8 business hours) after making the application and confirming payment online. Depending on

how rush you need, we will help you obtain your visa. And in super urgent cases, your visa invitation letter will be sent around 30 minutes – 4 hours. However, you will be charged $198 in this case for a single-entry Vietnam visa (Excluding the Stamping fee, paid directly to the Immigration counter at the airport).

How to Use the Invitation Letter to Enter Vietnam

  • A printed copy of the invitation letter
  • 2 recent photographs following the Vietnamese visa photo requirements
  • The same valid passport as the one used to submit the invitation letter application
  • The relevant visa fee in cash (by cash in USD or VND)

Note 25$/person using 1 or 3-month single entry visa, and 50$/person using 1 or 3-month multiple entry visa to the Immigration office.

Don’t forget your passport photos, otherwise, they will take the photos and you will be charged an extra amount for it.

? In case you want to guarantee a visa for your trip to Vietnam, we are here to help. We are always here to support you, please visit www.visaonlinevietnam.com, let me know if you have any questions, and contact us. You will be assisted in every step from the start of your application until you successfully get the visa and land in Vietnam.


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