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​1. Apply in person at the headquarters of therepresentative body
(See list of missions with consular functionsfor more detailed information about the address and time of filing and receiving results)
​2. Agency representatives review records, if anyunclear points need to verify the power of the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs
3. Get live results at the headquarters ofmissions or by post


Ingredients Profile ​ ​ ​

Ingredients Profile
​1. An application for permanent residence in Vietnam (form);
 Three new 4×6 photo shoot02 of which stuck to the application and 01 full name (back) to serve laissez if repatriation
​2. Foreign passport copy or copies of documents of a foreign resident(snapshot and the original for comparison).
​3. A copy of one of the following documents proving valuable nationalityVietnam:
+ Birth certificatebirth certificate case does not specify the nationalityof Vietnam, accompanied by proof of the nationality of their parents.
+ The people’s identity card
+ Passport Vietnam
+ The decision to return to Vietnam nationalityadoption decisions for children are foreignersforeigners decide to Vietnam to adopt childrenfor adoption;
+ Other papers by the competent authorities of Vietnam certifying the applicant retained the nationality Vietnam Vietnam as stipulated bynationality
​4. One of the following documents proving legal housing in Vietnam:
+ For those who already own houses in Vietnam (copy, produce the original for comparison): certificate of house ownership, documentation of purchase, sale, donation, exchange or inheritance House ; housing received by enterprises with business functions housing construction investment for sale; Court papers or the state administrative agencies competent to settle for home ownership have legal effect.
+ For people with legitimate housing by renting or borrowing, in personal thanks:
– A copy of the rental contract, loan or temporary stay of the individual (or a photocopy enclosed with the original for examination and reconciliation);
– Documents proving the house for rent, loan, allowing for temporary consent for permanent registration of such person;
– Copies of papers documents proving ownership of the leased housing, lending, allowing for temporary (or photocopy enclosed with the original for examination, for comparison)
​5. Vietnam citizens residing overseas apply for permanent residence in the city and centrally beside the papers on the records must also haveone of the following documents to prove eligibility for permanent residence registration in the city centrally (as stipulated in paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 of Article 20 of the Law of residence):
 For CDVNDCONN have legal residence in one of the following documents evidencing continuously staying in that city for 12 monthsor more:
 Temporary residence documents or certified limits of the ward,commune or township of a stay;
 Temporary residence books or confirmation of the wardcommune or township of temporary residence registration time
​6. ​ For CDDCONN are permanent residents agree to enter with your household must have one of the following documents to prove biological relationship between two people:
– The wife of the husband and wife to live with his wife, a child living with his parents, the parents of the child;
– The end of the working age, retirement, early retirement, severance stay on with his sister;
– The disabled, incapacitated workers, people with mental illness or other diseases losing cognitive abilities, are not playable in the behavior of a sibling, aunt, uncle, uncle and guardians;
– Minors, there are no parents or parents but also their parents can not afford to live with his foster grandmother, foreign, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, uncle who Guardian;
– Minors singles to live with grandparents.
In case no proof of blood relationship, the guarantors must make a written explanation and communal levels, with confirmation of permanent residence
​7. Vietnam citizens on permanent residence registration in religious institutions in Vietnam and religious activitiesthere must be a writtenopinion of the heads of religious institutions that agree to thepermanent residence registrationaccompanied by proof of thereligious leaders, priests or people who specialize in religious activities in accordance with the law of belief and religion, and reviewswritten by the competent authorities of Vietnam Male religiousapproval to Vietnam that the religious activities.
Number of records Two (02) item.
Form, declaration form ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Documents specified
Name form, declaration form
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