Extension Vietnam visa from Thailand

A Vietnam visa is needed when foreigner traveling, working and visiting relatives or entering Vietnam enter this country and stay for long time. Of course, when the visa is about to expire and he/she wants to continue staying in Vietnam, he/she have to extend visa. With this article, we will supply you everything you need to know about Extension Vietnam visa from Thailand.

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Do foreigners need to apply Tourist Vietnam visa from Thailand?

How can foreigners get Business Vietnam visa from Thailand?

While you are in Vietnam, the visa extension is only practicable for tourist visas. You can also receive only a single entry visa though your previous one was multiple-entry. Nevertheless, you are allowed to extend your visa several times.

How to get extension Vietnam visa from Thailand?

Vietnam visa from Thailand is just required when Thailand citizens stay in Vietnam more than 30 days, because Thailand is in list Vietnam visa exemption that can stay in Vietnam less than 30 days without visa. How about foreigners living in Thailand?

Extension Vietnam visa from Thailand

You can extend Vietnam visa once you have to stay in the country for a few longer. It’s attainable to get an extension of 1-3 months depending on the present visa kind you’ve got. As an example, if you’ve got a C1 visa kind, then it’s attainable to extend your stay for one month. On the opposite facet, if you’ve got B3 visa kind then you’ll get a maximum extension of up to three months. Thus this way you’ll reside in the country to do your business or personal work with none worries. However, when you leave the country the extended visa can get void.

When you get extension Vietnam visa from Thailand you can get a brand new seal displaying your new stay time in the country. A way to urge this done is by you personally visiting the native immigration workplace. In fact this means you’ll have to put a halt on your personal or business duties as you want to initially apply for it within the workplace and submit your passport for a review by the authorities.

When its approved, you’ll be given the new extension seal. You may have to stand in line with long queues and may need to go to the immigration office  many times if it is necessary. Though, this time taking gassy procedures  is avoided by availing the services of an experienced visa agency. This way, you do not have to confuse about running around immigration department to get your visa extended. Furthermore, they have all the experience  needed to handle many different cases and procedures to urge it done a simple manner. The great news is that they usually deliver the visa on time, thus you can count them to get it extended at a acceptable value with no hidden charges.

Extension Vietnam visa from Thailand

Of course if you do not have time or nervous about trouble procedural, an online visa agency will help you extend Vietnam visa in a simple way. All you need to try to to do at first is sending them a soft copy of your passport for a review by the immigration officials.

When its approved, the agency require you to submit your original passport to induce it with a new seal of approval displaying the extended amount of stay in the country.  If it is required, the agency will inform you about the payment details and other different documents to make the process be done. This is often so a simple and problem  free to get this done by experienced professionals in the visa business. You’ll be able to estimate such agencies as they support thousands of travelers yearly to have their visas extended or renewed. Thereout, it is possible to extend  your visa twice before you go for a renewal to remain stay in the country for a long period.

Requirements For Vietnam Visa Extension

Extension Vietnam visa from Thailand

  • Your original passport;
  • Separate visa (if any)
  • 02 4×6-size photos with white background
  • Registration of temporary residence ( it is confirmed by the local police station)
  • Guarantee documents of the company (if any)
  • Form NA5
  • Official document for Vietnam entry

In case you are lack of or have any difficulty in preparation, visa agency will help you. The working period in normal condition will be from 5 to 7 working days and if you are in urgent condition, it taked you from 2 to 3 working days.

Attention: It it rarely but maybe occur, the period may last up to 10 working days in case of difficulty visa extension.

Possible issues

Sometimes nationality can make a potential problem. You will have more or fewer problems with your visa extension depending on your nationality. If you are a person in a country which doesn’t have an option for applying for a visa extension, you can apply for a visa run.

Besides that, the cost of extension will depend on traveler’s nationality, entry port and visa duration.

Where To Get Vietnam Visa Extension?

Extension Vietnam visa from Thailand

You can get a visa agency extend Vietnam visa for you or pay a visit to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Vietnam. Their addresses are:

  • Vietnam immigration Department In Hanoi city: No. 40A Hang Bai Str., HoanKiem Dist., Ha Noi
  • Vietnam immigration Department In Da Nang city: No. 7 Tran Quy Cap Str., Da Nang
  • Vietnam immigration Department In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) city: No. 254 Nguyen Trai Str., Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City.

For your convenience, we would like to give you the contact information of the Vietnam Embassy in Thailand as below:

Embassy of Vietnam in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Address: 83/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, THAILAND
  • Phone: (662) 267 9602
  • Fax: (662) 254 4630
  • Email: vnembtl@asianet.co.th
  • Website: https://vietnamembassy-thailand.org/en/
  • Office hours for public: 8h30 – 11h30 ; 13h30 -16h30 from Monday to Friday (Except Vietnamese and Thai public holidays).

Consulate General of Vietnam in KHON KAEN, Thailand

  • Address: 65/6 Chatapadung, Khonkaen 40000, THAILAND
  • Phone: (66) 4324 2190
  • Fax: (66) 4324 1154
  • Email: khue@loxinfo.co.th

Vietnam Visa Renewal

How to apply Vietnam visa in Croatia? - Primjenite Vijetnamsku vizu u Hrvatskoj

Renewal Visa means that you are issued a new visa stamp and visa sticker on your passport with the new duration permission. The staying length is valid maximum in 3 months. Moreover the visa renewal fee is higher than the visa extension fee because we have to pay stamping fee and visa sticker fee for you. Visa renewal is ready for someone who:

  • Entered Vietnam with visa exemption.
  • Has current visa is not correspondent to your staying extending requirement. If you would like to upgrade your current visa from 1 month to 3 month, you have to apply to renew 3 month single entry or 3 month multiple entry.
  • If you would like to upgrade your current visa from single entry to multiple entry, you have to apply to renew visa.
  • Wish to get multiple entry visa in 1 month and 3 months.

When getting new Vietnam visa, instead of going Embassy/ Consulate,you can apply for a visa in an easy way: Just staying at home, accessing the Internet and doing some simple steps, you, as well, will get a Vietnam Visa. By this way, you can apply online anywhere, no matter what your nationality is and where you are. That means you can get a Visa Agent to help you get Vietnam Visa on Arrival and Visa stamped at Vietnam International Airports.

Vietnam visa service fees will depends on the service you choose. Process time is from 1 to 2 working days. In urgent service, you can get visa in 4 to 8 working hours and in rush case, it takes you from 30 minutes to 1 working hour.

Applying Vietnam visa on Arrival or Business Vietnam visa, you can get your Vietnam visa in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Sukhothai, Krabi, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi or any cities in Thailand. Let’s apply visa at visaonlinevietnam.com!


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