The arduous journey to one of the 4 most dangerous destinations in Northwest Vietnam

The journey to conquer one of 4 most dangerous destinations in Northwest Vietnam – Hang Te Cho Waterfall is without dispute the journey of a lifetime.

Hang Te Cho is the waterfall that makes people who know about it feel alarmed and bewildered when hearing its name. It nestles into perilous trails, abrupt cliffs, and muddy paths although the way there is now much easier than before.

The conquest of the most spectacular waterfall in Northwest Vietnam

From Van Chan Town, we made our way to Phinh Ho. Pass the nice paved road; we entered a route stretching from Phinh Ho to Lang Nhi, which is covered with full of stones and macadam. On its sides, there are many mighty and beautiful landscapes with an open view of cloud-hugged villages from far.

And then the tough section starts with a small path from Lang Nhi to Te Cho Village. The way is narrower, near the brow of the mountain while below is an abyss. Though it’s now easier to take, it still requires a good riding skill as well as the calmness and flexibility of those in the backseat. It’s sure that any travelers will feel their heart wrenched and stressed if their bikes unfortunately skidded. Do not freak out, get it all together or both you and your companion will swoop down the abyss or fall down. Be really careful because there are so many potholes different in sizes along the way.

During this strenuous excursion, heaving in your sight will be rolling mountains, green – golden rice terraced fields, and hills of maize. For that reason, this is considered the most challenging Vietnam motorcycle tour to Northwest Vietnam.

After 2 hours of off-roading, you will hit the parking lot then trek to Te Cho Waterfall. Hugged by the fog, Te Chi Village with houses whose roofs are made from Siam wood looks dreamily beautiful. Trekkers often joke that this village is the richest because each house here is covered with the pricey blocks of woods.

Go along the tiny path on the edge of the mountains and cross the terraces and hills of maize, keep your chin up and you will see several small stilt houses seated on the hill’s flank and the terraced fields stretching as far as the eyes can see. From there, the cascading waterfall and its stream pouring down from the chimney can also be seen clearly. Especially, it looks more majestic with the high, dark green forested mountains standing beside.

Move through a thick forest and descend a mountain slope, you will get to the huge waterfall amid the wild jungle.

It comes to no surprise if you are stunned by raw and authentic nature. The waterfall lies deeply behind the giant rocks, falling down into the clear stream. At a height of 50m, the jet of the water splashed from the cascade is like a drizzle that sprays to our faces even if we stand a little way away.

Come nearer, you will keenly feel the majesty of it. Hold on to the large rocks carefully as under your feet are all slippery moss. The deeper you get into, the more building-like rocks appear coated with green moss. It’s quite dangerous to touch the cascade’s foot since you must wade across the chilly current and walk through slick layers of stones.

For your lunch, drinking some beers with your favorite foods and fruits like peach and red dragon fruits from Phinh Ho next to the cascade’s foot will be very exciting. Beyond dispute, it’s an unforgettable experience in your life to reminisce about your energetic youth.


  • Choose the best time to travel there: May, June or September, October to avoid the rainy season.
  • Be careful when walking under the waterfall due to slick stones or deep water.
  • Don’t bring along many kinds of stuff like the way is tough to take and you have to trek for about 45 minutes.
  • Bring lunch, drink, and fruit.
  • Leave your motorbike in the village and set out with a tour guide to ensure your safety.

Suggested Itinerary for a Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Day 1: Hanoi – Nghia Lo

Day 2: Nghia Lo – Phinh Ho – Lang Nhi – De Cho Village (about 30km). Leave your warhorse in the village then take a 45-minute trek to the waterfall.

Day 3: Nghia Lo – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai

Day 4: Nghia Lo – Hanoi

Drop by Mu Cang Chai if you have time. Travel by car from Hanoi to Nghia Lo along the route Hanoi – Lai Chau is a way to save time.

Discover off-the-beaten-track attractions in Northwest Vietnam

As home to the sleepy villages, uncharted places, amazing waterfalls, and challenging roads, Northwest Vietnam is a perfect destination for you to take a scenic off-road motorcycle tour. More than just a tour, it’s a great chance for nature lovers to get much closer to the wild nature of Vietnam’s highlands.

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