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​1. Apply in person at the headquarters of therepresentative body
(See list of missions with consular functionsfor more detailed information about the address and time of filing and receiving results)
​2. Agency representatives review records, if anyunclear points need to verify the power of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Department or Agency shelter representativeof the applicant (if staying in another country)
3. The marriage registration ceremony was heldat the offices of the representative missions.The two parties must be present to sign themarriage certificate and the register ofmarriages.


Ingredients Profile ​ ​ ​

Ingredients Profile
​1. A declaration applying for marriage registration form.
​2.  A copy of the passport and the original for comparison.
​3. Health certificate of medical institutions competent within 6 months ofbeing infected with contagious diseases, mental illness, HIV 
​4. Certificate of recognition of communal People’s Committee, the residence before leaving the marital status of that person.
– For those who are within the work, study, work in another country, it must be certified by the diplomatic missions and consulates of Vietnam in that country about the marital status of that person.
– For persons who were once married but was divorced, they must submit a copy of the judgment, the decision to divorce has taken legal effect; In the case of judgments, decisions to divorce court or other competent authorities of foreign countries subject to note in the register as stipulated by the law on civil registration, the judgment, the decision must noted before submission.
– For people who previously had a wife or husband, but the wife or husband has died or has been declared dead, they must submit a copy of the death certificate that the wife or the husband.
– For officials and soldiers are working in the armed forces, the heads of the units which confirm marital status.
The certification of marital status above can confirm directly into the marriage registration declarations or certificates of marital status as defined in Chapter V of Decree 158/2005 / ND-CP. The certification of marital status, valid 6 months from the date of confirmation.
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Name form, declaration form
Registration of marriages between men and women both parties are citizens of Vietnam overseas sojourn inVietnam representative agencies abroad Download
The declaration of marriage registration BTP-NG-HT-2007-KH.3-1​ Download