Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam Motorbike Tours in 7 Days via Central

Hanoi→ Mai Chau→Tan Ky→Phong Nha→Khe Xanh →Hue→Hoi An.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ho Chi Minh Trail in 7 Days via Central is a special journey through but most beautiful in Vietnam, the Land used to suffer many pains in the past but has risen strongly to develop the perspective of people ever been here in the past. The roads here often extend from the forest to the sea so it is attractive to anyone who loves motorbike experience.

Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours are not only popular in Vietnam but also all over Asia, with us you will have full experience of what you want. From the clean roads with the winds of the sea to the dirt roads filled with green and the wind of the jungle. With the people here they always welcome you warmly, no matter where you go in this life, you cannot forget this place. Get ready with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Day 1:  Hanoi to Mai Chau.

The most beautiful village in northern Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh trail Vietnam Motorbike Tours 7 days.

We’ll start at 9:30 in the morning, effectively skipping the morning rush hour. Heading out of the city through Northwest Hanoi, You will overcome small challenges right from the time you drive a motorbike. The crowds of vehicles will make you a bit hard to get out of the city. However, very soon after that, you will feel your comfort when coming to the suburbs. Fields embrace the roads that create curves that follow your own emotions.

We have just the right mix of highways and back-roads, with a special 20 km Mai Chau off-road route near the end of today’s ride. After reaching our homestay in Mai Chau at about 6 pm, we’ll hang out with the locals, dine and dance (the traditional bamboo dance is a load of fun), and try out authentic ethnic herb-infused spirits.

 Day 2: Mai Chau – Tan Ky.

Discovery Ho Chi Minh trail with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club.

Immediately after having breakfast and drinking the best coffee in Vietnam, our group started to depart on the road, following us on this journey is still the tops holding the roads creating a romantic space Challenging challenges for you.

Our first stop is a rustic countryside, although there is an investment in tourism but not much, full of what is needed for visitors. Throughout the journey, there will be challenges in each section for visitors, we will always keep our cars on the roads with a height of about 1700 m above sea level.

pass remote villages in the middle of nature, and back down to the famous Ho Chi Minh trail Vietnam. From then it’s straight riding to Tan Ky, with the occasional monster truck dodging mini-game in between.

 Day 3: Tan Ky – Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Discovery Kingdom Cave in central Vietnam with Vietnam Motorbike tours club.

Today we continue with our love car to conquer new roads, new challenges but if we have time we will discover one of the largest caves in the world in Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours will take us through the most beautiful places of this land, the villages, the majestic limestone mountains and beautiful white sand beaches that are all you admire. In addition, the cuisine here is extremely attractive and addictive for anyone, be ready to enjoy!

We’ll end our day in Phong Nha Ke Bang, and prepare the next day for our venture around this World Natural Heritage – one of the most beautiful and distinctive patterns of cavern formation in Southeast Asia.

 Day 4: Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park – Khe Sanh.

Explore the land of war in Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike tours via Central Vietnam

Starting the morning we will relax with conquering one of the most beautiful caves in the world, but you will not be tired where we will sit on the boat during this dynamic journey, simply because this is water cave.

Right after the end of this journey, we will start right away to come to Khe Sanh. On this street, there are 2 options for visitors

1: We will go through old forests with many difficulties in the core zone of the national park. With dense forest canopy and wetness, it promises to be the most challenging challenge in the tour of Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

2: We will follow the coastal road through fishing villages and enjoy delicious seafood.

We’ll also take you to Latitude 17, the border between the Communist North and Capitalist South Vietnam during the civil war. We’ll visit Vinh Moc tunnel, a one-of-a-kind underground compound that housed hundreds of people, civilians and soldiers alike, with fully functional med-bay, maternity ward, nursing bay, kitchen, living quarter, etc… This underground tunnel system successfully shielded and launched countless Viet-Cong operations against the Southern Republic of Vietnam for almost 10 years.

We will have a great trip to Vietnam motorbike tours and arrive at Khe Sanh at 5 pm.

Day 5:  Khe Sanh _ Hue

Discover Hue ancient capital, One of the most romantic cities in Vietnam.

More war stories and historical attractions! Yay!

We will tour the former US Marine base in Khe Sanh complete with air base, tunnels, and museum. Khe Sanh was a strategic position in the civil war, which objectives were to cut off the Ho Chi Minh trail Vietnam and fend off North Vietnam advances via the South China Sea. Hell on Earth happened here in 1968 with the Khe Sanh battle. We’ll learn of the futility and brutality of a pointless war, and how the local moved on.

Leaving Khe Sanh, we’ll head for A Luoi for lunch and more brain-slapping Vietnamese coffee. Afterward, we’ll take a left on Route 49 and ride straight for Hue city, arriving just in time for beer time.

Day 6: Hue

A relaxing day in Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam Motorbike tours via center Vietnam- 7 days.

Day off! We’ll save the riding for another day.

Hue city is famous for its ephemeral melancholy, a lingering scent of gentleness and grace that flutters by in the air, amid its tenacious and kind people. We can storm the Forbidden City, hang out in the king’s palace, walk around their many tombs, stuff our face with the local Bun Bo Nam Bo and Hue’s plethora of traditional snacks, or simply laze around in the hotel room flicking through TV channels.

However you want to spend your day, you’ve earned it!

Day 7: Hue – Hoi An.

Last day in the most impressive tour in Vietnam, explore Hoi An ancient town, Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam Motorbike tours via center Vietnam- 7 days

Setting off from Hue, we’ll ride along the coast through a few fishing villages and Lang Co beach – one of the world’s seven most beautiful beaches. Our ride will also take us along Hai Van pass, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. We can make a quick stop at the peak to take in all the majesty and magnificence of this world-class site. We will arrive at Da Nang city at 2 pm, leave our bikes at the train station and enjoy some late lunch in a beach-side restaurant. After that it’s a straight taxi ride to Hoi An, ending our 7 days on the road through the most beautiful and untouched part of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam Motorbike tours via center Vietnam-7 days is one of the shortest and most complete tours to discover the mysterious beauty of this beautiful country. Please contact us, You will not be disappointed.

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