Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens – Виетнамска виза в България

Bulgaria is not included in the visa exemption list; therefore, to response Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens, all Bulgarian passport holders need to apply visa to Vietnam for either tourism or business purposes.

Applying Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens – заявление за виза във Виетнам

Vietnam Embassy in Bulgaria – посолство във Виетнам в България

Vietnam Visa Exemption

This is list of countries that Vietnam Immigration allows their citizens to enter Vietnam without visa with detailed length of stay. Unfortunately, Bulgaria isn’t in this list. Therefore, you still need visa to enter Vietnam.

No Citizens of Days of Free Visa
1 United Kingdom 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
2 France 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
3 Italy 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
4 Spain 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
5 Germany 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2021)
6 Belarus 15 days (Valid until 30 June 2020)
7 Japan 15 days
8 South Korea 15 days
9 Sweden 15 days
10 Norway 15 days
11 Denmark 15 days
12 Russia 15 days
13 Finland 15 days
14 Cambodia 30 days
15 Thailand 30 days
16 Malaysia 30 days
17 Singapore 30 days
18 Indonesia 30 days
19 Laos 30 days
20 Philippines 21 days
21 Brunei 14 days
22 Myanmar 14 days
23 Chile 90 days (Starting from 11 August 2017)

Besides, there are two cases that the you can travel to Vietnam without Visa.

  • APEC business travel card holders are exempt from Vietnam visa for not more than 90 days.
  • Travelers to Phu Quoc Island with round trip air ticket and staying on the island for 30 days or less are exempt from having Vietnam visa. A visa is required if going outside the island.

Do Bulgarian citizens require to apply visa for visiting Vietnam?

Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens - Виетнамска виза в България

Bulgarian and most the countries in Europe are required a visa to get in Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa with Vietnam embassy or online with Vietnam Immigration Department. Vietnam embassy will give you visa in advance, before you leave your country whereas the Immigration Department does not, they will stamp your visa at a Vietnam international airport. Visa stamps at the airport is called Vietnam visa on arrival, this is a new system encouraging visitors come to Vietnam without the worries of travelling far away to the embassy. These government institutions can give you a tourist visa or a business visa with single or multiple entries.

  • Tourist visa is issued for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months of visit.
  • Business visa also issues the same periods; 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.
  • Both visa types can be extended once when it has expired. You can extend in Vietnam with Immigration Department or with us.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens

  • Vietnam Embassy has been established in Bulgaria;
  • Vietnam visa is required for all Bulgarian citizens;
  • Bulgarian citizens are eligible for e-visa 30 days single entry from 45 USD;
  • Bulgarian citizens can get Vietnam visa on arrival from 18 USD + stamping fee;
  • Bulgarian businessmen can apply for DN business visa for working with Vietnam Enterprises;
  • Bulgarian businessmen can apply for 2 years Temporary Residence Cards;

Applying Vietnam visa on Arrival, you can get your Vietnam visa in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna or any cities in Bulgaria. Let’s apply visa at!

What should Bulgarian prepare for Vietnam visa?

Passport – Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens - Виетнамска виза в България

The passport should satisfy following requirements:

  • Have at least 2 blank pages to get visa sticky and stamp;
  • Have at least 6 months validity counted from your date of arrival;

Photos – Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens

  • Have a white background;
  • Be taken in the last 03 months;
  • Eyes look straight on without glasses, photos should be taken clearly with the appearance of 2 ears;
  • You have to upload one colored photo (4×6) to the application form in case you are applying for e-visa for Vietnam.

Stamping fee – Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens

  • Stamping fee must be paid in cash (VND or USD) not by credit cards;
  • Other currency will be converted using given exchange rate;
  • There is no ATM, money changer or any other way to withdraw money in the immigration hall so that cash (25 USD for single entry or 50 USD for multiple entry) is required.
  • For Vietnam e-visa, stamping fee is paid in advance, so no money is required on arrival;

Entry and exit form

Vietnam visa requirements for Bulgaria citizens - Виетнамска виза в България

  • This form can be downloaded from our website and should be filled in advance to save your time at arrival airport;
  • The completed form will be submitted at the visa desk along with your passport, visa approval letters and stamping fee;

Conditions to get the Vietnam visa for Bulgarian citizens

  • The visa applicants should have a valid passport that was acquired more than six months prior to the date of visa application. However, the passport should have a longer validity than the anticipated visa.
  • Candidates should accurately fill up the visa application form with valid data that matches the information in their passports.
  • Candidates should only choose online application procedure for air travel.

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