Embassy of Vietnam organized trade promotion in Romania

Embassy of Vietnam organized trade promotion in Romania

Implementation of economic diplomacy in 2016, 31/3, in Lasy, the Embassy of Vietnam in Romania in cooperation with the Lasy Chamber of commerce industry organized trade promotion, introduce about Vietnam with the theme of “expanding the potential of economic cooperation, trade between education, investment, Vietnam-Romania”

Lasi is far from Bucharest about 400km Northeast, is the center of economic, social and cultural region of Moldavia, is the symbol of the history of Romania.

Speaking at the seminar, Vietnam Ambassador in Romania Tran Thanh Cong emphasized the foreign political relations between Vietnam-Romania are developing well, but economic cooperation is still quite modest when trade between the two countries in 2015 reached 180 million us dollars.

The Ambassador said that basing the actual situation, the potential strengths of Lasi, both sides can boost cooperation in areas such as agriculture, education, pharmaceutical …

Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong also emphasized with Lasi’s businesses that Vietnam and the EU signed the free trade agreement (FTA), the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 formation with large market 600 million people will create many opportunities for investors intending to business in Vietnam.

The Ambassador confirmed will be ready to be a bridge connecting Lasi’s enterprises in particular and Romanian enterprises in generally with enterprises and provinces in Vietnam.

Trade counselor Le Ngoc Thi has presented specific about the potential and opportunities of economic cooperation in Vietnam, the reality and the prospects for cooperation in trade and investment between Vietnam-Romania in the future …

Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong and trade counselor Le Ngoc Thi also has answers to many questions of Lasi’s enterprises relating to cooperation in education, tourism, pharmaceutical production, preferential investment policies of Vietnam for the foreign investors.

On this occasion, the Embassy has introduced to Lasi’s enterprises and the delegates of the beautiful, peace of Vietnam is the destination for investors through 2 short video clip “Welcome to Viet Nam” and “Vietnam economic development recently.”

The representatives also have been enjoying a number of dishes which have long been the majority inhabitants of Romania liked and loved include fried and breaded shrimp fried rolls.

Embassy of Vietnam organized trade promotion in Romania

Vietnam’s Ambassador in Romania Tran Thanh Cong meet LASY business. (Source: Vietnam Embassy in Romania)

During the work at Lasi, Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong and Embassy missions had the meetings, working with the Bashaw, the Reeve, the Vice Chairman of the people’s Council of Lasi to learn more about the depth of potential, the opportunity that Vietnam and Lasi can cooperate.

Lasi’s leader welcomed the working and visiting of Vietnam delegation and wanted to have more meetings, exchanges between the both parties to the change the opportunities to realities.

On this visit, Ambassador and delegation visited Antibiotice pharmaceutical company (the biggest pharmaceutical companies Romania), working with the Technical University of Lasi, Alexandra Ioan Cuza University (the oldest university in Romania).​​

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