In recent years, the number of foreign laborers working in Vietnam has sharply increased. However, when hiring foreign staffs in Vietnam, there are some legal procedure and framework need to be followed. In this post, we would like to provide some helpful information on Vietnam Visa and work permit procedure.


For citizens of Asian Pacific or other countries, please go online at our website to find out whether your country included in the Vietnam Visa Exemption list. Or else, you are required to own a Vietnamese visa to visit this country.


There are currently 2 ways of applying for a Vietnam visa. The traditional one is to apply in person at Vietnam Embassy, another one is to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival (get the full visa at Vietnam airport).

First, it is noted that from 1 January 2015, DN visa will replace B3 business visa. Therefore, those who enter Vietnam to work with Vietnamese enterprises are obliged to have a Vietnam Visa. The DN visa can last for a maximum of 1 year with multiple entries.

  • Applying for Vietnam Embassy Visa

For this type of application, you will have to show up in person at the nearest Vietnam Embassy Romania to complete the procedures. Remember to bring along necessary documents including your original passport, application form, sponsorship documents, and the visa fee.

It will likely take you around 5 working days to process the visa application.

  • Applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

This new type of visa application is highly recommended for those who want to enter Vietnam by air for its transparency, time and cost-efficiency.

First, you don’t have to prepare documents like passport or sponsorship paper. so there is no need to worry about losing them. Secondly, in terms of processing time, it only takes you from 4 working hours to 2 working days to receive the prior Approval Letter depending on your demand. Lastly, the price for the online visa only consists of stamping fee and service fee. therefore, it will definitely cheaper than that of the traditional one.

  • First, you are required to fill in an online application form with written information such as your full name, age, arrival and exit date, etc.
  • Then, you will receive the Visa Approval Letter via mail after making payment. You can make payment using Credit/Debit Card. Please visit the website to find out more information on Service and Stamping fee.
  • Lastly, your visa will be stamped at the international airport that you arrive at. Please bring along necessary documents and stamping fee to finish your procedure.
Vietnam Visa On Arrival has much more simplified procedures

Vietnam Visa On Arrival has much more simplified procedures


Normally, a working permit is needed for laborers whose work lasts for more than 3 months. According to applicable law, the maximum validity of the work permit is 3 years.

The application for the work permit in Vietnam has been made stricter than ever before. Those who violate Vietnamese regulation and law by working without work permits can be penalized or even sent back to their home countries.

There are some requirements for those who want to apply for a Vietnam work permit:

    • At least 18 years’ old
    • Having good health
    • Possessing the necessary skills for the job in Vietnam;
  • Clean criminal record.

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